.htaccess is a configuration file for Apache web servers, with directives and settings for websites and folders. With .htaccess it’s easy to customize website headers, set up redirections and define other website variables.

    Default support for .htaccess

    .htaccess is used by many open source CMS, like WordPress, Magento and Drupal. Servebolt has full support for .htaccess, so no customization of .htaccess is necessary. It just works!

    Fast and easy password protection

    We can also use .htaccess for server based password protection, with a .htpasswd file. This is an easier solution than using PHP with a database.

    Better performance with .htaccess

    Since .htaccess is parsed with each web request (scripts, images, css etc), we recommend keeping it as small as possible. If you want to setup a large number of redirections, it’s often better to use a dedicated redirection plugin or function.

    Managing .htaccess errors

    Don’t forget to check the server error log if you’re experiencing issues with .htaccess. .htaccess errors are often listed there since .htaccess is a part of the Apache web server setup.

    On what plans is .htaccess available?

    .htaccess is available if you have one of the following plans:

      If you want the .htaccess feature and are not on one of these plans, please have a chat with our customer success team and they will do their best to accommodate you.

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