How do I make sure caching works best?

The most important part of making sure our caching works in the best way is by installing our Servebolt Optimizer plugin. It sets the correct headers for caching to work as it’s intended. If you’re using Cloudflare as well, make sure you’ve connected our Servebolt Optimizer with your Cloudflare account […]

Do you offer New Relic?

At this point in time, we do not offer the option to have New Relic installed on our servers. Adding New Relic takes up quite a bit of resources and that doesn’t align with our quest for speed. We recommend making use of WP CLI with its wp profile and […]

Is it safe to turn on Cloudflare’s APO?

Turning on Cloudflare’s APO optimization is generally a safe thing to do. Having said this, it’s wise to double check your site’s and your site’s cached behavior after you’ve turned on the service. We do recommend you use our Servebolt Optimizer plugin instead of Cloudflare’s plugin. Our plugin allows for […]

Do you have Elastic Search?

Yes, Elastic Search in the Servebolt Cloud is currently available for selected customers under beta program terms. Contact support if you’re interested in getting your instance running. Elasticsearch is a paid add-on. External Elastic Cloud Services It is also possible to use third party providers for Elastic Search. The important […]

What search solution does Servebolt recommend?

We recommend either using the Servebolt Elasticsearch service, or the external service Algolia for search. Elasticsearch has the advantage of running on your Bolt, providing fast search access and easy setup and configuration in your desired application. Algolia provides the internet’s fastest external search solution, and integrates with many CMSes.