How To Turn on the Menu Optimizer feature

You can enable this feature under the Performance Optimizer section in the Servebolt Optimizer. First you need to navigate to the tab labeled Menu Optimizer. There you can tick the checkbox behind Menu Optimizer setting. Once you’ve done so, you can also disable this feature for logged in users. Generally […]

Why do I need to change my password for the Control Panel?

On July 12th, we rolled out a strengthened security architecture. We launched our new login experience and a completely new and improved authentication architecture. This new architecture, with the well renowned user identity system Auth0 at its core, allows us to implement better security policies, faster, and without compromising the […]

What does Restrict Access to Cloudflare do?

In the settings of your site, there is a feature labeled Restrict Access to Cloudflare. What effect does this have on your website? And, is it generally safe to enable? What does it do? By default your website will accept traffic from anywhere in the world. This behavior remains unchanged […]

How To log into the Servebolt Control Panel

If you have registered for a Servebolt account already, you can log in here: You can log in with the email address and password you created when registering for an account. If you have not yet created an account, you can do so here: NoteWe recently changed how […]

I’m seeing mobile version on desktop, why?

If you are using Accelerated Domains™, and see a mobile version of your site while browsing using a larger screen (or the other way around), you are probably using some sort of device sniffing in PHP, either in a custom function or something like wp_is_mobile(). This is unsafe for most […]

Do you offer email hosting?

Servebolt doesn’t provide mailboxes or email hosting for your domains. Yes, your site still can send emails, but we don’t support mailboxes under your domains. Our focus is to deliver you the fastest hosting. Hosting mail, alongside your website itself, slows your site down. We therefor recommend using an email […]

Can I use Composer 1 and Composer 2?

Yes, you can. Servebolt support the use of Composer on all our servers. We’ve made Composer 2 available on all of our servers. At the moment when you use composer, you still get Composer 1. If you want to use Composer 2, you can use composer2 as a command. If […]

How do I make sure caching works best?

The most important part of making sure our caching works in the best way is by installing our Servebolt Optimizer plugin. It sets the correct headers for caching to work as it’s intended. If you’re using Cloudflare as well, make sure you’ve connected our Servebolt Optimizer with your Cloudflare account […]

Do you offer New Relic?

At this point in time, we do not offer the option to have New Relic installed on our servers. Adding New Relic takes up quite a bit of resources and that doesn’t align with our quest for speed. We recommend making use of WP CLI with its wp profile and […]

Is it safe to turn on Cloudflare’s APO?

Turning on Cloudflare’s APO optimization is generally a safe thing to do. Having said this, it’s wise to double check your site’s and your site’s cached behavior after you’ve turned on the service. We do recommend you use our Servebolt Optimizer plugin instead of Cloudflare’s plugin. Our plugin allows for […]

What if I need more storage for my trial?

By default, your trial Bolt has 4GB of storage available. If you need more to properly test a copy of your site on your trial Bolt, just reach out to our Support Team and we’ll happily provide you with more storage. If you’ve already upgraded from a trial Bolt to […]

Why doesn’t Servebolt run virtualization?

Many hosting companies push virtualization as the best way to host your site. And yes, there are many positive things about virtualization. But the fact is, most of the positive sides of virtualization is to the benefit of the hosting company and not the customer. At Servebolt we have proven […]

Do you have Elastic Search?

Yes, Elastic Search in the Servebolt Cloud is currently available for selected customers under beta program terms. Contact support if you’re interested in getting your instance running. Elasticsearch is a paid add-on for any instances not running Magento 2.4. External Elastic Cloud Services It is also possible to use third […]

What search solution does Servebolt recommend?

We recommend either using the Servebolt Elasticsearch service, or the external service Algolia for search. Elasticsearch has the advantage of running on your Bolt, providing fast search access and easy setup and configuration in your desired application. Algolia provides the internet’s fastest external search solution, and integrates with many CMSes.

Does Servebolt have a CDN?

Yes, we do and we provide several options. We are Cloudflare partners and recommend as such using Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). Their free plan already offers this option, we recommend using the Cloudflare Pro plan or the Cloudflare Business plan if your budget allows it. Alternatively, Accelerated Domains offers […]

What are Dynamic Requests?

A dynamic request is a request that was not served by any cache, and therefore reaches the origin webserver (Apache). In other words, all requests that are served from a cache, including our own Nginx cache and Cloudflare edge cache, do not count as a dynamic request. All our plans […]