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How Cloudflare Requests are Processed

Every request to Cloudflare goes through the same request pipeline, and every node on the Cloudflare network performs each and every task for the request it receives. This article outlines the flow of every request to Cloudflare, so you’ll get an understanding of the order the various features and apps…

Cloudflare Workers Reverse Proxy

Cloudflare Workers can be used in an easy way to proxy and route traffic. There are many different use-cases. In this example we'll deliver a documentation section from a separate installation, on a specific path on the public domain.

Migrating Name Servers to Cloudflare

Adding Cloudflare in front of your website is a no-brainer as it instantly gives you a lot of tools for optimizing the speed and security of your site. Cloudflare provides its services by integrating to your domain by changing your domain’s name servers to Cloudflare’s. And there you have it.…