Site Settings

In the Servebolt Control Panel you can find, per bolt, your sites and in it, your Site Settings. You have the following settings available:

Developer Mode

The first setting is developer mode. It turns off static caching and pagespeed. Read more here!

Site Related Settings

  • Site name
    Name of your site, only displayed in the overview of sites.
  • PHP Memory limit
    This is the maximum amount of memory a PHP process can use.
  • Static Caching
    This allows files to be temporary saved in their current state. It makes a shorter loading time because the user doesn’t have to reproduce the files every time. This is used for css, javascript, fonts, images and a few other file types. This should be enabled at all times. You can disable the static cache for development purposes by using developer mode.
  • http -> https redirect
    This forces the browser to redirect to the domain name of the secure site. If you have SSL activated, adding your domain here is a good idea.
  • Domain-based redirect
    This redirects the browser to the given URL.
  • htaccess
    This enables/disables the use of .htaccess Learn more about .htaccess!

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