Moving from Siteground Shared Hosting

Generate a SSH key on the Servebolt host you’re moving to

If you don’t know how to, please contact the Servebolt team on our on site chat.

Add the public key from your Servebolt host to Siteground

Generate SSH key on the host you’re moving to

Read the article about how to make a key pair here

If you don’t know how to use SSH (terminal command on the server) please contact the Servebolt team via Chat or email. We can make one for you. When you recieve the public key from the Servebolt team, please move to step 2.

Log into your cPanel on Siteground and click on the SSH/Shell Access button

Add the public key from your Servebolt host

Under Upload SSH key, paste the public key from your Servebolt host.
You can optionally add the IP of the server you’re moving to in the IP field, but that’s not required.

Ensure that the key is added

Check that the key is added under “Manage Current Keys”

Go back to the cPanel dashboard and click on the FTP Accounts button

Locate and note down your username

Go back to dashboard and locate the hostname

Send the details to the Servebolt team by filling out the migration form
Fill out this migration form to have the Servebolt team migrate/set up your test for you, free of charge. It’s important that you send the username and the hostname to the Servebolt Team.

Want to set up the test yourself? Please read our article about our sitecopy script

When connecting to Siteground host with SSH

Host name – enter the host/IP of the server to which you wish to connect (e.g.
Port – the port for the connection – use 18765

ssh [email protected] -p 18765

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