Let’s Encrypt validation issues

This article presumes you already have pointed your domain and gone through the process of ordering a Let’s Encrypt certificate through us. Also note that this is currently a Beta feature and unforeseen issues and bugs might be precent. For more information about our Beta feature programs, go to this article

Let’s say you have ordered a Let’s Encrypt certificate but it’s still inactive. Then there are some settings you should check with your site:

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. DNS

    First be sure that your domain is pointing to our server. Presumably this is already done but this is the first criteria

    Also check if you have an CAA records for your main domain. If you do then this can interfere with the installation.
    Deactivate or remove them, you can always add them in after

  2. .htaccess

    Check your .htaccess file and see if there is anything there that can interfere. This is usually rules that regards redirection and/or HTTP -> HTTPS rules. If in doubt just rename your .htaccess file. You can always undo the changes when the certificate is issued

  3. Plugins

    Check if you have any plugin that might interfere with SSL. If you do, deactivate the plugin(s). Same as your .htaccess file, you can always undo the changes after the validation

  4. Other certificates

    Check that your domain doesn’t have any certificates already enabled. If you do, deactivate it. This will render your site unsecure but fret not, the Let’s Encrypt certificate should validate within 10 minutes if everything else is correct

Is your Let’s Encrypt certificate still not activated after going through the steps above, then please contact our support at servebolt.com

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