How do backups work at Servebolt?

All hosts on Servebolt run full nightly backups, off-site to a datacenter within EU/EEA. Backups can be restored upon request as far as 30 days back. Contact our support team to get a backup restored including this information:

  1. The site you want to restore a backup of.
  2. What kind of backup is it? A full restore of both files and database?
  3. Date of backup (up to 30 days back).

Note: For now, requesting a backup or restore is a manual process. Therefore a request is done as fast as we can, normally from 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, creating your own backups is easy and a good habit to do.

We store one backup per day for the last 14 days, then 2 weekly snapshots.

Why only 30 days?
We decided to limit how old backups we restore to help our customers be GDPR compliant. We do however keep some backups longer to be able to investigate e.g hacking of the application (e.g WordPress). Only our security team have access to the backups stored longer than 30 days.

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