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Managed hosting

All Servebolt hosting, is managed hosting. Managed hosting means that you only need to maintain and your hosted application, for example your WordPress. Both hardware and network failures, and the software running your website is maintained by Servebolt.

When you buy managed hosting, you eliminate both risk and work relating to making sure that your application always is online. You get an environment that is safe, maintained, monitored and upgraded with both security patches and performance enhancements.

On Servebolt, the hosting platform is maintained as a whole. That means that changes are rolled out platform-wide, on a regular basis. A few times yearly, the OS – Servebolt Linux is upgraded. In addition, CVE (security vulnerabilities) in software packages in the hosting stack, are patched and mitigated, whenever they happen. This means that you can trust that the platform is secure and maintained at all times.

A hosting stack is built on hardware, and made from numerous software components. At Servebolt, we build our own optimized packages of many of these components, when new versions are released. This means that new innovations and performance enhancements are deployed to your managed Bolts. The underlying technologies don’t get outdated – they are rather improving over time.

For the end users, and for you as a client, this means that the speed of the platform year-over-year increases along with technological innovations.

Reduced operational risk

Servers can be relatively cheap, but maintaining and upgrading them with current software, is a time consuming and often difficult task.

If you have tried hosting websites and running servers yourself, you may have experienced that you soon will start accumulating technical debt. The real cost of hosting is cheap to begin with, but will increase over time when things get old.

The lack of proper maintenance makes servers and services vulnerable for hacking and attacks. With Servebolt managed hosting, you can rest assured that this never is the case.

If you are an agency, check out our partner program – it will take the pain of hosting away, and convert your hosted portfolio to a steady revenue stream.

partner program – it will take the pain of hosting away, and convert your hosted portfolio to a steady revenue stream.