Magento 2 Full Page Cache

The Servebolt Full Page Cache for Magento 2 (Servebolt M2 FPC) maximises the performance and speed of Magento 2 at it’s peak. In addition to making your website faster, it increases the ability to scale when your shop experiences heavy traffic.

What Servebolt M2 FPC does

Magento 2 has a built in cache system that always should be on. It also has a built in Full Page Cache, but this one is largely inefficient because it lacks some basic caching techniques.

With Servebolt M2 Full Page Cache, there are two important things that happen.

Firstly, the down stream web servers get correct caching headers according to web stadards. These allow the down stream servers (nginx) or any CDN (for example using Cloudflare Business) to cache the HTML for any subsequent requests to it.

Secondly, the headers are also rewritten to allow the browser to cache the content for a period of time. This means that some requests can be delivered directly, without making any requests over the internet at all.

Faster, simpler and more efficient than Varnish

If you have tried using Varnish, you know about all the troubles that come with it. Guru Meditation when it crashes, lack of SSL support, more maintenance and of course all the cache management and restarts. It is extra software, complicated, and does not really work very well for E-commerce.

Servebolt Nginx does not add additional software to your stack, but rather uses the full capacity of the Servebolt hosting stack. This means that the nginx webserver that already handles SSL also does the full page caching.

Want to try out Servebolt Full Page Caching for Magento 2?

Servebolt M2 FPC is currently in beta, talk to us on the chat if you also want to try it out.