WordPress Cache

The WordPress cache is supercharged by the Servebolt hosting stack in multiple ways. Caching of static assets, like scripts, stylesheets and images is built-in by default, with optimal compression settings. Caching of HTML can easily be enabled, and it also uses the cache systems already present in the hosting stack. It is important to use […]

Cloudflare Pro Plan

The Cloudflare Partner Pro plan can be added to any Servebolt hosting plan.

Managed hosting

All Servebolt hosting is managed hosting. Every bolt is kept secure and online 24/7/365.

Argo Smart Routing

Argo Smart Routing optimizes the performance of network traffic between Cloudflare and Servebolt.

Load Balancing

Load balancers are used to distribute web traffic across multiple servers. Traditional load balancing, load balancing from the CDN edge, and geographically distributed load balancing

magento command line tool

Simply write «magento» from anywhere on the command line to manage your Magento 2 installation. Super simple!


Our hosting features custom maintained and performance optimized versions of PHP


Drush, the powerful and easy command line interface for Drupal, is included with all Drupal websites at Servebolt.