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Showcase: Bogart

Bogart Store was hosted in a good place in the cloud in EU, but still the performance on the page got worse as time passed and the store grew.

Bogartstore.no is a WooCommerce based shop with different integrations and many products. They have a lot of international traffic and sales.

Results before and after moving

We made some informal measurements before and after moving. All the numbers that are important to good user experience has drastically improved, and visitors can now easily and freely navigate around the store to shop. In most cases, this means more or bigger orders.

Before moving After moving
Page load time (s) – GT Metrix 5.5 2.3
Page load time (s) – Pingdom 4.76 1.93
TTFB (s) GT Metrix 3.84 0.17
TTFB (s) Pingdom 3.66 0.77
Requests GT Metrix 71 82
Requests Pingdom 87 85
Page size (MB) GT Metrix 1.72 1.9
Page size (MB) Pingdom 1.9 1.9
Google Pagespeed GT Metrix 79 79
Performance Grade Pingdom 63 77
Yslow GT Metrix 74 76

Google favour fast websites

With Google Webmaster Tools you can see how long it takes Google on average to load the page. Where the response time falls to 150-200ms is when Bogart Store was moved to Servebolt.

As a result of the page getting faster, Google often rewards the site with higher ranking in Google within 1-2 months, which will also appear in both webmaster tools and Google Analytics.

We welcome Bogartstore.no to Servebolt, and wish them good luck with the sale!

The result

Bogart 136% faster after moving to Servebolt
Load time before 5.2s
Load time after 2.2s